Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Until the 80s, made a distinction between mannequins and fashion model. The mannequins were the rulers on the catwalks. On the catwalk to be the appropriate size is required. So you can imagine with the necessary presence of the models.
In the photo models is not necessary, because here it depends on the type.
Meantime there has blurred the difference and there are generally the people who make their appearance with advertising models mentioned.
The models are taught almost exclusively through model agencies. They will get a portion of salary as agency commissions. In Europe there are a number of modeling agencies. The choice of which agency is a model chooses can often rise, unfortunately, are also down a career. Because, unfortunately, more and more agencies to cheaters course and bring the profession into an appalling situation.
With the many series such as Germany seeks the supermodel ... . Come more and more young people to the idea supermodel to be. Is the only way there is very rocky and there are several on the track. The requirements are large in body and spirit. The road is hard and if you've made it, it certainly deserves a lot and also has a large media impact
The so-called super models are the models that have developed their own prominence. These are called since the 30 years now. At the present time the title was changed to Super Model top model. Models such as Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford, Kate Moss dominate the profession. Often unpleasant stories are written about the top models, sometimes for advertising purposes.
In recent years, the men on
catwalk. The modeling industry is almost the only branch where the women have the say and collect the sum. The male models earn far from being as much as the women.
The fashion industry is a tough job, no matter for designers, photographers, tailors and models. If you want to be at the top, you have to learn a lot about the business. Since the 80 years to develop models mainly to strong personalities with a sound business sense. For while the career you can easily reach out and feel secure for the later years of his maintenance. Many models are no longer run on the catwalk, they have built up a second income as a designer or even a lead agency. Some might even create your own perfume.
In marketing the products there is no support!

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