Tuesday, November 23, 2010


The term comes from the French fashion (mode) and the Latin (mode). And fashion and modern means something this time, very current, very popular is. In today's understanding of language, we combine these terms to the word with the most fashion clothing.

For thousands of people are covered. First it was sure of protection from the cold, the heat and humidity, then of course from the prying eyes of others. At some point, began to develop the fashion, the circumstances and times will be influenced by. We deal only once with the fashion for ladies in the 20th century. At the beginning of much more than is visible today, people much money the better with clothes.

1900 wore the women's long skirts and dresses. The upper bodice bodies were pressed into the tops were tight, but her skirts far. The hats on the women's heads were not allowed fehlen.1910 the clothes were a bit shorter, but very narrow, and that made the ladies' hats size wheels. The corset is, but the skirts are so narrow that only women could make small steps much. 1920 skirts are even shorter, but the move again. But the biggest sensation of fashion is that women let the hair. The bob is created and every modern woman cut off the hair.
1930 dresses remain the calf length, the shoulders are huge wide, but the waist is emphasized. 1940 Fashion is in the character of the war, it is improvised. But modern at the time are costumes and the hats often have the shape of a turban. 1950 Rock the longer again and again close. So close that most models have a slot on the back so that women can still go.
The waist is emphasized, but many women start to wear a corset again. 1960 with the working woman sheath dresses, the other ladies rather tulip skirts. Knitting, whether as a sweater or as an accessory to the clothing is modern. The women wear very little hats, the hair is now half long with an outside role. 1970 now replaces the midi and maxi skirts the fashion from the late 60's from.
The skirts were so short that they looked more like a belt as long as they are now at the beginning of the 20th century. Many sew their own clothes, even the teenagers. In 1980, the skirts are shorter for the designer, but for the carriers that remain long, the shoulders are again wide.
A lot of ruffles and other rich things are sewn into the fashion. The women rather lazy pants as skirts. 1990 is a lot of leg shown in calf-length skirts, transparent or opaque in skirts with a slit. The Mini is also modern, this time very closely. The animal prints are in fashion again.
But the word refers not only to fashion clothing. How and which make up plotting we learn today on the Internet at Beauty News. What's in and what is out?
Branded products are also subject to fashion. Who the mobile phone brand in the XYZ class disco appears without is ill and is sometimes ridiculed. Especially young people are working hard with flair and "in" to be. But to join the various trends is very into the money ......

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