Thursday, July 14, 2011

Original Perfume vs Perfume license, or the whole truth about the "license"

Going on the Internet market perfumes, we were very surprised a huge number of online shops offering any "original" perfume "to 140 UAH. Per liter," or selling "perfumes" that was released on license, arguing that the differences are minimal with the original flavors .
So, let's investigate.
Luxurious genuine perfumes (the "original") - it is a genuine production of the leading global brands, which is produced by the original formula in the factories owned by big perfume houses in compliance with all standards of quality and concentration. The composition of the original perfumes contain only natural ingredients, respectively, this perfume has a high persistent scent, the same all over the world. That it is sold in Duty Free. It is working with her ​​official distributors.
What is a licensed fragrances ("License") - an imitation of the original perfume, which does not produce in the country to which the perfume house (most frequent production of Turkey and the UAE).
"license" has a good resemblance (package, name, bar code) and almost identical to the original perfume fragrance. The key word in this case, "almost." You can visually exactly replicate the original prototype perfume, but differ dramatically the quality, flavor and stability.
Now let's think logically.
We are hard to imagine even a very rich Arabic-Chinese-Turkish businessman, who comes to the famous perfume house with the statement: " Give me your "license", an exact formula for flavor and package design, and I'll publish and sell your products much cheaper and I will get rich on this. " Of course any self-respecting perfume manufacturer replied: " Yes, of course, take it, please " .
Just think what should happen with the manufacturer of the wild attack of altruism, so that while he continues to share advertising and other costs for promotion brand, someone else got a clean profit by selling flavor without the headaches under the guise of a beautiful word "license" .
If you stop for a moment and think about it, the only logical inference is a conclusion that NO "LICENSE" None of the known world producers would never give ANYONE AND DO NOT sell.
If you buy once "license", if you pay attention to the inscription on the box: where manufactured goods? That's right, made ​​in France , made ​​in Spain , etc. If we follow this logic, then all bottled Coca-Cola, produced in Ukraine, will be written in USA made ​​. Although any official manufacturer of the goods will write the country of manufacture and will not hide the fact that the product was released on license. Have you seen the inscription on the "license" perfumes " made ​​in UAE "? The question is rhetorical.
And now more about what is behind the phrase "licensed perfumes."
Firstly, the production of perfume - it is an expensive, high-tech process. In the manufacture of counterfeits can at best use the same ingredients as the original perfume, but are mainly used synthetic ingredients, which is much cheaper than natural ones. Synthetic compounds have the same degree of volatility, so there is no disclosure of such a wealth of fragrance on the skin as if it consisted of natural extracts. A so-called "binding" substances, which are necessarily used in the fragrance, if not dose may remain in the body much longer than fast weathering components of the "top notes". As a result, after only a short time you can stay, for example, it is not a pleasant smell of amber, almost always included in the composition of any flavor, instead of refined aroma of expensive perfume, which you had hoped. And if we take into account that the human olfactory system does not detect the odor that surrounds it for a long time, we may disappoint you: You will be seen surrounding a different way than you had planned.
Second, it is important for us strength flavor. Most of the fakes fully weathered for an hour.
If we still have not convinced you of the obvious choice, try to find a definition of "licensing" of perfumes in English, French or even search engines. For all our zeal and desire, the knowledge of several foreign languages ​​and sincere desire to uncover the truth, we could not find detailed information confirming the existence of this form of perfumes in general.
Conclusion: If the seller tells you that the contents of the vial is made and bottled under license - it's definitely fake. Perfume brands do not issue any licenses for their products.

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