Tuesday, March 8, 2011

fashion marketing

The men and women in fashion marketing are involved required a sophisticated cultural background and high aesthetic sense, and the creativity needed to develop new ideas, promote the growth and constant renewal needed in a fashion company. In the world of fashion, is the marketing department of the utmost importance: the analysis of market trends and ways of life and helps the company in its approach to public management, planning and organization of production, product launches, communication strategy and distribution of Collections .
The first year of the course of fashion marketing is to acquire the basic technical skills required, given the proper methods used in project management, and a solid foundation and preparation of the culture of fashion. The course is shoot focused on the design of a fashion photography: from the observation of the real world, and deconstructing the signals, the development of an idea and its implementation in a style in an imaginary situation where the student undertakes an editorial project to provide it. The main objective of helping students is in its ability to interpret the styles, analyze and synthesize the real world and his own ideas, their implementation in a creative and coherent vision that knows how transmit the essence of an aesthetic image.
The second year is designed to more deeply into the methods that their new instruments and the cultural aspects that are defined more specifically: the projects (photo shoots with women, men, still life) deal with all the different phases involved : Research / Development / implementation - and which are the building blocks of the course. (Learn to contemporary fashion, photography, semiotics, and in general, how you interpret images) The cultural codes, the technical and creative methods (software, digital photo editing, video creation): Each subject is covered by the project. The basic goal is to become a specialist in Fashion Marketing at the position are knowledgeable management of creativity, time, and the mechanisms in the areas of project management involved, and a high degree of skill in relation to the background of the different fashion styles in the Throughout history, contemporary trends point to make critical, analytical skills and their synthesis into new forms.
The third year is devoted to an advanced design project in a simulated professional environment with complex cultural elements. The drafting of the final project leaves room for personal intuition and critical reflections on the role of the student. The thesis for the course of Fashion Marketing favors show the development of a personal style and a project, originality and consistency, in which the student's knowledge of the technical, qualitative and economic aspects with the actual production must show the collection.

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