Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tailors against conformism

Israel has not always been used as a fashion phenomenon in the country. Of all the children of immigrants from the former USSR do now set out to change that.
Tel Aviv is presenting yourself as a stylish city. The capital of Israel ambitious and creative in the country attracts mainly the young. On the dress style is not appreciated, however. T-shirt, jeans, sneakers or flip-flops rule the streets - 'shirts carry only a few older men. Even the chairman of a large high-tech company is reflected on official occasions with colored polo shirt, black jeans and sports shoes.
"In Tel Aviv all look more than they would just go to the beach, even businessmen," says the fashion designer  Izenberg. "It does have a certain charm, but it's a shame about the tradition." The owner of small fashion label "Maison Rouge" has resolved to make the Israelis again to feel like fine clothes. "If you look at photographs of European immigrants in the early years of Tel Aviv looks, then all wore suits - this tradition I would like to revive."
Classic men's fashion, a modern interpretation: designs from the collection of Izenberg
Accordingly, Izenberg collection presents elegant dress shirts in bright colors, and light, fuel-wide trousers. By special sections and folds have their classic designs a modern twist.
Izenberg desire to revive European roots, is grounded in her own biography. As more than one million, almost one-seventh of today's Israelis, she was born in the former Soviet Union, today in Ukraine. Only at the age of 14, she came to Tel Aviv. This character, she says, is part of her claim: "My father and my grandfather have always worn suits in our family a lot of attention was paid to style I was almost shocked when I came to Israel..."
That little fashion brand influences from the outside in the small country pass, is, among other things, that Israel has for many international fashion company as the market simply was too small to be left aside. Even the Swedish fashion chain H & M opened its first Israeli branch until this spring.
Young urban businessmen are the customers of  Izenberg
Also custom tailor told Izenberg, you would find in Tel Aviv are hardly any. There is simply no demand. "I have told many that in Israel there is no need for men's fashion and always claimed that it was too warm to dress decently -. But that's nonsense." A stay in Milan opened their eyes Izenberg: "In Italy it is warm - but still it is common for the men wear there shirts and suit pants."
Izenberg persistence has paid off. She was satisfied, says the designer, that they attract exactly the clientele that they had in mind: young, successful and style conscious business professionals.

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