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Marketing and licensing

Watch the Lego design, radios with Jeep Appeal - Manufacturers of consumer goods of all types improve their products with popular name. However, not all licensees have with the brand licensing luck - will pay their full load many a company.
The exclusive round of millionaires gummy bears could soon become bigger. will in addition to Thomas Gottschalk and Haribo boss Hans Riegel now the Oldenburg entrepreneur Peter Eigler in the illustrious club.

A strange idea to give him the access, if there are so many people who love gummy bears, thought Eigler, but should also reach a perfume that smells like fruit gums. Especially if it were packaged in brightly colored bottles bear. One may not believe it: Haribo managing director bar was inspired. The fruit gum manufacturer allowed Eigler Trader B's merchandising company, the perfume in be prepared to license.
Riegel made sure that everywhere the sweet fragrance bear spread. He presented his business partner with the round bottle, she sold Karstadt and did hard the word.
Thanks to the strong start using the Haribo water flows in streams now: 1.6 million bottles have been sold since late 1996 - in Germany, the USA and Australia. The retail sales add up to 35 million marks.
The experts call Eigler marketing method fire-licensing, meaning the selective enhancement more or less faceless products with well-known Trademarks. How many stitches is the marketing brand licensing a U.S. invention. A few years ago it was only a handful of companies that finished their T-shirts or pens with the logo of Lucky Strike, Harley-Davidson or Coke.
Now the brand licensing is in the width. In almost every American department store are Dunhill glasses or Delta-Air-travel bags. With brands ennobled licensed item brought to the trading in the U.S. and Canada in 1998 record sales of 17 billion dollars.
Meanwhile, the wave is also spilled into Germany. Junghans watches produced with the logo of Joop and Lego, Salamander his shoes adorned with the words of Betty Barclay and Camel. In Hamburg opened a Monopoly restaurant. And the prefabricated building manufacturer Exnorm tried to RTL-fabricated houses.
Overall, the trade turnover is with brand licensed products in Germany to 2.8 billion Mark, Günter Vetter underestimated by the Munich-based agency € Licenses.
The enjoyment of brand licensing is a consequence of increasing brand awareness among customers. If a Product of the abundance of supply emerge, it takes a lasting name. A clock shows the same time as the other, until a promising brand image gives her identity.
But what if a manufacturer can build their own brand or? It's simple: he makes use for the established brand owners.
And the forces to promote free-riding. For good reason: to reach the licensing of their brands with label greater visibility, and increase their brand value. Moreover, they take a erkleckliche fees: About one-tenth of the revenues go to the licensee and Coke Co.
Also for the licensee pays the business. You buy the brand Power fame, respect and sympathy.
Even companies whose products already have a good image, flatter themselves with other companies about new Target groups. For example, Junghans: The brand stands for sound, technically advanced and affordable watches, they is neither just nor as fashionable as a child.
These attributes borrows the Schramberger companies. With brightly colored Lego watches for assembling crafts enchanted Junghans children's hearts. Fashion to interested customers of the watchmaker with Joop-timers a lifestyle accessory binds to the wrist.
The fine designer brand penetrates Junghans boss Hans-Jürgen Bublath ago in unprecedented Preisgefilde: Up to 1600 Mark does a Joop Clock. For a simple "Junghans" customers pay a maximum of 1,000 marks.
The examples of Junghans and Trader B's to encourage imitation. Nevertheless, advises Debra Joester, head of the New York licensing agency Hamilton Project, to be cautious: "Brand licensing is a brutal business that requires careful preparation and professional approach." What matters is the right choice of the brand. To find, the next license first set, customer base which should be addressed. What brands are popular with the targeted audience? Is there including brands that fit the product?
An unusual coupling of product and brand devised by U.S. entrepreneurs Gobindram Kash: He borrowed for his portable hi-fi recorder, the label of the car brand Jeep and landed it a sales hit in the hopelessly over-saturated market for consumer electronics.
Gobindram speaks with his Jeep recorder those men who listen to music while camping and not spare their Hi-Fi equipment. "Such robust types convinced of the Jeep brand," says Gobindram. "Jeep stands for individuality, wind-and weather-resistance as well as rough Design. "
Is the dream brand identified, the next license negotiate once hard. Brand companies formulate usually close guidelines for product design. They also require a marketing plan, whose implementation is monitored relentlessly.
And of course it's always about money. Some license marketers are known for exuberant claims. So Trader B's had to transfer it to Walt Disney 645 000 Mark, so that it perfume bottles in the shape of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck was allowed to market a year.
This is still not much compared to the $ 500 million, which demanded the U.S. film producer Lucas from Hasbro: The enormous amount of toys Multi paid for the worldwide use of the Star Wars logo on Monopoly games and missile models.
Not all so greedy long way licensors, after all, they are keen to pass on their rights. "Those who remain stubbornly can often press charges," Chris Koerner know from personal experience.
The Hamburg-based restaurateur played poker for a year with Hasbro for a license for a Monopoly restaurant - the toy company, like many U.S. brands, while licensors and licensees (Star Wars).
Hasbro rejected three offers the landlady. Only in the fourth round came from the U.S., a draft agreement with a moderate license fee. The lawyer accepted Koerner.
A year ago, Chris Koerner her quirky restaurant has opened in Hamburg's center. From Monopoly logo on the entrance portal to the design of tables, counters and menu - every detail exudes the aura of capitalism legendary game. The guests in a barred room with wooden benches and eat ("prison") or dine in the elegant Schloss Allee ".
Koerner hopes to regular customers, especially from the business world. Many managers have as a child or fought other Monopoly game, believes the Restaurateur. Your restaurant should help old Memories bring back to life.
It is still unclear whether Koerner rises calculus. In any case, it has taken to heart in the design of the premises of a principle, the industry guru Charles Riotto licensees puts his heart. "This must be licensed by the nature of the brand "Transport, said the head of the American Lima royalty Industry Association: "It is not enough, a Brand logo to stick on any article. "
The development of the product is of course not solely for the licensee. Brand name companies such as Hasbro and Haribo consider carefully whether their design rules are complied with, that the logos are shown correctly if the colors and materials used. And they reserve the right to reject proposals not approve products.
In particular, the licensor attention to high quality goods that are supposed to represent her name properly. For example, Kash'n Gold chief Gobindram the licensing agency of Chrysler was the first place, a dummy . Submit Everything went well: The radio in the form of a jeep tool box proved superior in the presentation as shock-and waterproof.

Chrysler gave the green light for production - and the "Jeep Boom Box" became a hit. It has design awards obtained and made in the U.S. press the round. Fast $ 24,000,000 has Kash'n gold within three years its something other hi-fi systems implemented. So smoothly, it does not always. Often reject the Proprietor from dummy. To unpleasant surprises when the To avoid presentation, discuss experienced companies every stage of development with the owners.
Star Wars licensees, Hasbro showed the film producers Lucas, the rough drafts of paper mache, before the construction a toy version of the Pod Racer "spaceship began. Any technical drawing could be approved by Hasbro film producers. Even the design of the seats and turbines has been discussed in advance.
Advertising for the spacecraft Hasbro produced in constant consultation with Lucasfilm. Like most of the licensor wants to film giant display each and every spot Prior to publication of its licensees. What do not like should not be distributed.
Early and close cooperation will facilitate the marketing. Different brands have their license charges even piggyback on new distribution channels: Companies that offer products with labels or Coke Camel Can make their shirts, shoes and umbrellas present in mail order catalogs and shops of the licensor.
Salamander can sell his camel shoes even in shops, which actually is not a Salamander Shoes may lead: enjoy in many inner city locations Salamander shops "territorial protection" - about Camel shoes by Salamander rain but they are not.
Smart brand beneficiaries ally themselves with one another. Thus, the Star Wars licensees, Hasbro and Lego a common shop-in-shop system for toy figures and Work Room vessels developed. Actually, the two Business competitors. But they know that with the joint Stalls they have more attention in the Toy shops catch, attract more buyers and higher Turnover volumes.
The fire-licensing has many facets, and it offers many opportunities. However, it is not a panacea for all Product areas. Where the buying decisions very be made rational, the conditions for good Bad licensing deals possible.
The prefabricated houses Exnorm from the Baden-Wurttemberg Steinheim landed with his ideas license two flops. Hardly anyone wanted to buy a house boasted with the logo of the TV station RTL. And for a "Sisi" mini-villa, which is modeled after the Vienna Schönbrunn Palace, found no interested at all.
German prefabricated home builder, the late recognition of Exnorm invest any money in emotional quality bells and whistles. For it is one solely the price-performance ratio.
Even in product areas where emotions play a bigger role, the success of a business license never guaranteed. Trader B's CEO Peter Eigler, for example, paid their full load on his deal with Disney.
His Mickey Mouse played the bottle about two million dollars a not that Trader B's had invested in production and royalties: The one-year contract period was too short to build a distribution.
Disney, however, remained unmoved. The group moved or the deadline, yet he reported the abundant amount of the guarantee back to him by Eigler already been transferred.
"With Haribo cooperation was better," said Eigler. Perfume at the Bear got the cooperation "to mutual benefit ".
Because of Haribo deal was so beautiful, Eigler has now want more. He is a fragrance brand for the next decade: under license from world markets Trader B's Expo this week the "smell 2000.

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