Monday, November 22, 2010

Licenses with potential

On 12 and 13 September was held in Munich, the Fair Royalty Licensing Europe - with some 500 licensed themes from the TV, cinema, books, stamps, music, art, sports and much more.
On the brand Licensing Europe in Munich, met again a "who's who" of the licensing industry.
For the third time that the licensing industry met in Munich - the second under the official name of Licensing Europe. The British organizers Advanstar Communications as the year before had taken over the organization. The organizer, who also directs the past 22 years, the largest trade only show the world in New York and in England, Brand Licensing London.
The 35 exhibitors, slightly fewer than last year showed over 500 exciting licensing issues. Licensing expert Björn Kerber, head of the United Licensing Group, estimates the total market with the comic, movie characters and brands finished Licensed Products in Germany to a volume of 6.9 billion euros.
Licenses for children outweigh
A strong licensing issue is still "The Lord of the Rings", the strong scooped the award of the LIMA Awards prices. In addition to this successful licensing agency placed the MR & Retail Merchandising Others still promising topics such as Back to Gaya and Garfield before, the next year, its 25th Birthday celebrating. The brand licensing, giving the consumer companies in their brands to other companies for use, played on the Licensing Europe is also a major role. MR & Retail Merchandising, be presented in the famous Pom-Bear crisps from the advertising. Art Merchandising München, Munich is a subsidiary of merchandising, brand licensing in the program of the Deutsche Lufthansa, EL € licenses to the heroes of Mr. Shine
Loving characters for children - as here by HIT Entertainment Angelina Ballerina - are always in fashion.
The brand licensing, giving the consumer companies in their brands to other companies for use, played on the Licensing Europe a major role.
Very promising is also the license Lizzie McGuire of the Agency Merchandising Munich. Lizzie McGuire is so special about her "animated conscience" - a cartoon Lizzie all the things said, not even dream of the normal Lizzie would.
The stand dominated by EM.TV two main themes. First, all signs point to start for the marketing of the FIFA World Cup Germany 2006. It also marks on 8 January, the Sesame Street its 30 th anniversary TV. Also, another popular children's license upon us - 2004 is celebrating its 30th small seafaring Wicki Birthday. In view of this event is on this year's Frankfurt Book Fair on 10 October at a EM.TV Wicki-party instead. Additional license issues for children HIT Entertainment offers - with Pingu, the lovable mouse Angelina Ballerina and the dog Bubu. An additional license for children comes from the house CTM: Hamtaro. The cheerful little hamster named gain, such as pashmina, Tikali Ratzi or just children's hearts. Copyrights Europe relies on the license including Cosmic Friends. Here is Feng Shui products to be implemented for children. kw
Ernie and Bert in action - on 8 January 2003, Sesame Street celebrates its 30 th anniversary TV.

The stars of the LIMA
At the fair eve was in the Munich arena for the second time the award of the LIMA Awards Germany 2002 in the categories of license issue of the year licensed product of the year, trading partners of the year, licensing agency of the year, a licensee of the year, and promotion of the year. As in last year sat on the awards of the LIMA (International Licensing Industry Merchandisers' Association) on "The Lord of the Rings" by. Marlies Rasl, Managing Director of MR Merchandising & Retail, could it won two prizes for themselves: The License This year's theme "The Lord of the Rings" and as an agency of the year. For the Licensed Product of the Year award went to the gold jewelry collection of jewelry-watches-Noell to 'The Lord of the Rings. As a promotion of the year, Ferrero Kinder Surprise could also argue the issue. Licensees of this year, the Ravensburger, Trade Partner of the Year is Happy Toys.

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