Monday, November 22, 2010

Lack of customer orientation and lack of dialogue in social media

Many people are dissatisfied with the social media offerings of companies. This is the result of the new study by the Brand licensing Science Institute with more than 1,000 volunteers. The bottom line: The customer service orientation and the dialogue on the social web are inadequate. How companies respond to social media on the needs of their customers, showing the new book by Claudia Hilker: "Social Media for Entrepreneurs" on 14 September 2010 at the Linde-Verlag in cooperation with the Business Week appears. Many best practice examples to show how Facebook, Xing, Twitter, YouTube and Co. successfully uses in business.
According to BSI study, three quarters of respondents disappointed with the lack of dialogue-orientation and low customer service at Facebook and Twitter. 83 percent feel the company's presence even as advertising. It took more than half (58 percent) of respondents considered the new communication channels available for questions, complaints or suggestions. Almost two thirds of them (61 percent) were dissatisfied because the companies had not responded to their concerns. 47 percent received inadequate answers.
"Many companies operate haphazardly in social media," says social media expert and book author Claudia Hilker: "The communication on Facebook, Xing and Twitter must be strategically planned and moderated a competent, if you want to avoid crises, companies with less. Customer satisfaction is usual in social media a bad reputation for having a positive reputation in the social web you need qualified staff, efficient processes and exciting content. social media content is multimedia, working with story telling in order to viral effects many recommendations and trigger user-generated content. " But it is often lacking in practice, says the expert.
Social media provide new approaches to customer service if you "join" to invite customers. Individual product design, interactive dialogues and promote common voting for example, the service quality and assure the company's competitiveness in the future. However, the claims of the customer to the customer through social media continued to increase. Raising the bar on customer satisfaction is now much higher. The complete review of Claudia Hilker how businesses can improve customer service in product design through social media is available online in the blog

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